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Medical Center: in 1995 Al Asar established a health care center with the collaboration of local community in Dera Ghazi Khan that was for the medical care to the needy people. Health care center bit by bit and progressively develop and now a days it comprise of a medical complex with OPD, Operation theatre, physically disabled rehabilitation center,  Clinical lab, MNH centre, radiology centre and all other  necessary equipment. Minimum 36000-40000 patients/year get care for there.

Rehabilitation Work: Al Asar provided 500 tents, cloths, shoes, flour and grocery to flood affectee and arranged 150 free medical camps in 3 months; in far flung villages of District Muzafargarh, Rajanpur and Dera Ghazi Khan during the early time period of flood with the collaboration of community and national and international NGO’s.

Establishment of Computer Centre: The unemployment rate in southern Punjab is 60% to 80%; this is due primarily to lack of modern professional skills; that is the reason Al Asar has endeavored to overcome this problem and construct gender equality by establishing Computer Center where all students are getting benefits at equal level whether they are males or females, poor or well-to-do, to promote youth literacy over and above to eradicate the roots of gender plus status discrimination. We believe that the institutes like Computer Center can easily revolutionize the future of the youth of a country.

Poverty alleviation via Empowering Women: Al Asar strongly believes in women empowerment that’s why it has started a number of projects for the welfare of women. Al Asar started a Women Empowerment Project (WEP) for the promotion of vocational skills & established a sewing center in Dera Ghazi Khan District; moreover it distributed worth 430 sewing machines to support widows to achieve income security, dignified working conditions and increased protection of the natural resources on which they depend; to eradicate poverty. 

Skill Development Technical Training Center: Southern Punjab is the main target area of work to bright the future of their youth. Al Asar Established a Skill development technical center, this center develop numerous types of skills among the male and female such as tailoring, dress making, embroidery, domestic cooking, beautician, welding and other different trade since 1997; working with collaboration of BISP-Wassela e Rozgar Scheme now a day.

Model Village School: Jakhur imam shah is a minute township distant from Dera Ghazi Khan City. Subsequent to confounded flood, bulk of organizations could not approach there. In consequence, the devastated populace of this village could not get much assistance from these organizations. After passing a long time to the disaster the children of Jakhur imam shah were still without school building but Punjab government provided those shelters for school. Al Asar with the harmonization of Punjab government for Jakhur imam shah is running school in remote area (Jakhur imam shah); to promote literacy.

Community Model School: Al Asar established two community model schools, one for the poor deserving Dera Ghazi Khan and other for the Jakhur imam shah community that neither have thought their children. 350 children are studying.

Free legal aid cell: in 2002, Al Asar established free legal aid cell in Dera Ghazi Khan Court for victim of women violence and child abuse; up-to-date 42 cases were handled. Free legal aid cell deals with both civil and criminal cases such as child abuse, rape cases, acid crime and divorced cases.