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Background Statement

Al Asar Development Organization is a community based, non profit, non government organization endeavoring to shore up needy Pakistani community; it was subsisted in 1996 with the registration # in Dera Ghazi Khan; collaboration with local community who longing to hold up dejected & susceptible needy people predominantly women & children. Al Asar is working under the slogan of "naeki k kamou main aik dosry ki madad karo" which simply means "Help one another for virtue". Objective of the slogan is to work for the marginalized community to get involve, be part of the projects and help their own. They establish their main Office and also established 1st medical centre in Dera Ghazi Khan.

Mission Statement

“To improve the socio-economic standard of people in Pakistan by mobilizing and strengthening marginalized communities and community based organizations through participatory approaches and service delivery.”
Our task is to promote and make available industrial and supervisory skills to perk up supervision and management at the grass root level for men and women towards poverty alleviation, to work; for alleviating poverty through providing essential livelihoods; for empowering women through skill enlargement; for protecting children from abuses & exploitations through education & granting fundamental rights; making available healthy & vigorous environment for the youth & old-age to the erection of progressive nation; for the ecological preservation, fortification & conservation; for the sensible utilization of natural resources to achieve sustainable & unwavering development with active community participation.

Vision Statement

“A society which have socially justice, democracy, and tolerance, gender balance and economical and political potency”
We believe that only Education can change destiny of nations, it can kill poverty, hunger injustice and discrimination of all sorts and all human beings can enjoy their basic rights like;
• Honest source of revenue
• Education
• Health Care Services
• The basic rights of equal gender

Funded projects

Partnership With

Projects Service Provided Year


Voters  Education Campaign for Devolution Plan of New Local Govt. System Establishment of Distt. Resource Centre for Ladies Councilor. Organized Citizen Campaign for Women Representation CCWR for New Local Govt. System.


T.V.O Establishment of Operation Theatre. Construction & Equipments. 2005